Client: Word Made Flesh
Date: Fall 2014

In Fall 2014, I was doing some small design projects with the non-profit Word Made Flesh. I got connected to this organization through a good friend, Kayin Griffith. In October Kayin gave me the opportunity to be a part of planning for Word Made Flesh's first benefit gala. I eagerly (and nervously!) said yes and so the journey began!

Kayin selected a team of five of us to come together to plan and create a walk through exhibit that would be part of Word Made Flesh's benefit gala. We were each selected because of specific strengths that Kayin saw in us. I was enlisted as the "creative director" of sorts to bring the vision to life. Seeing how Kayin selected all of us to work together really brought to light how important each of our roles are. Not just in this group, but in the body of Christ. Sometimes I can fall into thinking that my role isn't important or try to take over other peoples' roles. Each of these directions can be damaging to self, to others and to the body of Christ as a whole. To be a strong body of believers, I think we need to recognize and embrace our roles, as well as the roles of others. Together we are certainly stronger than on our own. 

Leading up to the event I took the lead in bringing to life our idea and overseeing the set up at the venue. I was also able to design twenty-three informational panels to accompany the exhibit. Though the branding for the event didn't originate from me, I was able to work with what was created to create these panels. 

Doing this project was a challenge, but it was certainly worth it. In doing design, one of my goals is to be a servant to the client and help them communicate their message in the best way possible. This may not always look "pretty" or beautiful. Reality is messy and showing things in an honest way is very important. Though my designs were clean and consistent, the exhibit itself was messy and real. As designers we have the tools to gloss over the imperfect and adjust things to make them "better," but it is so much more authentic to show things in an honest way. Through this exhibit we hoped to stay true to the fields served by Word Made Flesh so that visitors' eyes could be opened to the raw beauty of these places.